Hypertrophy & Powerlifting Programming

Build Muscle, Get Stronger

Hypertrophy & Powerlifting Programming

Personalized Powerlifting or Hypertrophy Based Programming

$325 (+ tax) per 12-week Periodization Block consisting of the 3 mesocycles. Great for meet prep or can be used for off season/contest prep*.

Personalized Periodization Programming includes weekly check ins w/ us and will require that you send video weekly of key lifts for assessment. We strongly emphasize proper form, preventing injury, and preparing the body for work via mobility drills, self-myofascial release and dynamic warm ups by providing instructional video, documents etc. when needed.

Programs are structured & modified based on:

  • Injuries/history of injuries
  • Rate of recovery
  • Strength & weaknesses
  • Level of fitness (intermediate to advanced)

DUP plans are done in Google Sheets where changes are saved automatically in real-time so both client and coach can see updates whenever they are made. It will require a commitment to completing each week's training sessions within the given week and filling in all data needed during each workout, as the following week's programming is based off the client's feedback/data from the previous week.