12 Week Personalized Meal Plan:

With Written Meal Plan: $525 (+ tax)

With Written Meal Plan: Couples $950 (+ tax)

  • 1 meal plan every 2 weeks (6 total)
  • Best for those who are not yet familiar or confident in tracking their macros.
  • The goal is to help educate our clients so that they can eventually feel comfortable tracking their own macros.
12 Week Personalized Macro Plan:

Macros only: $400 (+ tax)

Macros only: Couples $675 (+ tax)

  • A method of counting calories based on macronutrients (Fats, Carbohydrates and Protein).
  • We give you target macros and monitor your progress, making adjustments as needed to help you reach your goal.
12 Month Personalized Macro Plan:

Macros only: $1000 (+ tax) Must be paid in full.

Personalized meal plan examples or macro plan designed to fit your goals, schedule and taste. We utilize flexible dieting for those that prefer it or a bit tighter choices for those that don’t. Again, these are PERSONALIZED for you, not just a set plan laid out at the beginning of the 12 weeks. You will need to comply to your plan as best as you can & check in weekly to receive feedback and adjustments. The meal plan package comes w/ a meal plan example made from your food choices every 2 weeks. Using body weight, body composition, activity level, and your goals caloric needs are determined and tracked with weekly check ins. Macro Plans come with the specific macros for you to follow. Written workouts are offered to help you with any goal. Losing body fat, increasing lean mass, athletic performance, off-season competition plan, etc.

** add $100 (+ tax) to any of these plans if you want to include the personalized powerlifting or hypertrophy training programming.