I joined RAB fitness with my wife in 2012 as a former college basketball player who had let things slide and I eventually turned into a basketball. I weighed in at 383lbs. and in desperate need of some help. Roger pushed me in ways that only a great coach could do. He kept me accountable. He saw potential in me to thrive with certain training methods. After a year of getting my feet wet so to speak he pushed me into powerlifting. I love it. Still competing in it and I just love it. I’m a state record holder for squats and deadlifts for my age. I am forever indebted to Roger for saving me from death, whether it was from a heart attack or diabetes. My fitness journey isn’t over. But I’m so grateful to him for everything he has done for my wife and I.

Dr. Adam EvansColumbia Valley Chiropractic Center

I have been on a heavy calorie, carb, fat and protein diet for many years as a competitive powerlifter, and I started to have some health issues related to that, so I decided it was time to lose weight and not be 356 pounds anymore . I knew a little bit about diets but not enough to maximize my ability to maintain muscle by going to a deficit in calories and carbs etc. So having been at RAB Fitness gym I knew Roger was the man to ask. So I was hesitant to start a "diet" because I didn't want to eat plain chicken, fish, and veggies 24/7, but Roger asked me what foods I liked and he Incorporated some of those foods into the diet program. I have to tell you this diet was the easiest to follow and all foods/recipes were delicious. I was able to drop from 340 down to 280 in 10 weeks roughly. I trained, and did cardio 3 times per week and the weight fell off easily. I would and do recommend Rogers meal plans to any and everyone, its money well spent, you will not be disappointed I promise you that.

Ryan KennellyThe Bench Monster

Working with Roger Baker of RAB Fitness has helped me improve my life tremendously throughout the years. I originally started working with Roger back in 2012. Immediately Rodger was able to teach me how to eat correctly to gain muscle loose body fat and also how to train correctly. Since working with Roger I have been able to pass on the knowledge I've learned from him about nutrition and training to some of my family members that were not doing well physically so now they can now live happier and healthier lives. Roger has positively influenced hundreds and hundreds of individuals throughout the Northwest in a great way and is well known as being one of the most knowledgeable coaches / nutritionists / trainers there is. I am happy to have Roger in my corner as a coach as I pursue my bodybuilding goals.

Rob ChicanoCorrections Officer, Stafford Creek Corrections Center

I have been working with RAB for about 4 years now. To say that Roger has helped me transform as a Woman and Athlete would be an understatement. He has helped me learn the art of training with intention by providing structured training programs for me year round, focusing on areas of my physique that need improvement. He listens and answers when I have questions, tells me when I need to step it up, and has been the biggest support to me in not only my Bodybuilding career, but as my Coach and friend. He keeps me accountable, yet reminds me to give myself grace. With so much knowledge about training, nutrition, and the art of Bodybuilding, I've been extremely fortunate to have Roger as my Coach.

Kimber BuehlerPersonal Trainer

I started working with Roger in 2015 after years of yo-yo dieting and seeing little success. After making the commitment to follow the plan and put in the work, my physique transformed week by week to the point where I stepped on a bodybuilding stage with confidence and pride! Something I never really planned to do. With his years of knowledge, constant motivation, and "hard work, no excuses" attitude, success was guaranteed as long as I was grinding day by day. I look forward to seeing what RAB and some good ole fashion hard work can do in the future!

Brandon Slack

I have been part of Team RAB for about three years now. I was introduced to RAB through mutual friends. As a fitness competitor to this day joining RAB has been one the best decisions I have made. Since being with RAB, I have placed in every single fitness show I have done! I've grown so much, not just physically but mentally as well. I have never felt more confident chasing my fitness goals. Roger loves what he does and gives us all that energy. He puts in the time with each one of his clients. He is always real, always there, and keeps me accountable for my choices, that's what I love and appreciate the most. I have recommended friends, some wanting to participate in fitness competitions and others simply just wanting to maintain and live a healthier lifestyle. They are very content where they are at. RAB Fitness all the way!!

Yaneli NavarretePersonal Trainer

I found RAB over 5 years ago now. I spoke with Roger Baker from time to time before we became a team. He continues to inspire me and keep me motivated as I pursue to my dream of becoming one of the best bodybuilders in the WORLD. His guidance, knowledge, leadership, informational and love for the bettering of me and my goals gives me confidence. We are looking to accomplish big things. RAB is a family we help each other in whatever way we can. I love RAB and for me it’s RAB for LIFE.

Mariano GrajedaTabali

Looking for progress, got goals? Then RAB fitness coaching is the right place to work with. No frills or gimmicks just well laid out plans and if executed as told the results you get will shock you. Prior to working with RAB Fitness I spent alot of time spinning my wheels and not making the progress I could have under great coaching. I went from pudgy strongman with RAB to lean and mean and stronger then I have ever been. As well as entering my first bodybuilding show. I will forever be under the guidance and part of Team RAB as I have never received better coaching.

Johnny Ruiz Walla Walla Windshield Doctor

After decades of working out on my own without the results I wanted, I reached out to RAB and his ability to tailor a program that fits your lifestyle and gets results Is unmatched. I wish I would have reached out years ago. It’s worth every penny.

Michael Cadman

I have had the privilege to work with Roger of RAB fitness a few times. He takes the time to dial in your diet appropriately, make adjustments and listens to his clients concerns. His workouts a carefully planed, and he does not take the typical “cookie cutter” approach like most modern day “trainers”. If you are willing to work hard and follow the regiment given, Roger will work just as hard for you regardless if your goal is to shed some unwanted pounds, or if you are a competitor preparing for a stage of platform. Throughout my time training I have been approached by other Coaches but my time and money will always go to Roger and RAB Fitness.


RAB Fitness speaks for itself, its name will forever be legendary. My personal experience with RAB Fitness is AMAZING, hands down the best coach I’ve ever had. RAB Fitness is true to its brand, its authentic, and transparent on all aspects. I love the coaching style. The information, the workouts, and the diet are all laid out there clear as day. I trust RAB 100%, I can honestly say without a doubt I can put my well-being in RAB's hands. I’ve had a few coaches in my lifetime and that is not something I can say with the coaches prior. As a client, you are in RAB's best interest, it’s not about ego or how well you do, or the money spent. Its about the journey and who you become in the process. Whether you’re training to compete or just want to be healthier, at the end of it all the growth in your life in all other areas will be remarkable I am forever grateful for RAB. RABftness will make a positive imprint on your life that is unforgetable

Natiel Carpenter

It's been almost 2 years since I was recommend to RAB. When I first heard about Roger I was told he was one of the best in the industry. Still I did my research and found that sure enough, everybody on RAB's team was in exceptional shape. Though I can't speak on everyone else's experience but, my experience with RAB has been nothing less than a great one. Always answers my questions quickly and very in depth. I'm on his workout and meal plan and my results have gone above and beyond my expectations. Of course nothing works unless you put in the work but without his guidance and knowledge backing me up I wouldn't be where I am today. Go Team RAB

Luis Uribe

After being with RAB for about two years, it has definitely changed my life. I’ve gained the confidence and discipline that I lacked. RAB showed me that I am capable of so much more than I thought physically and emotionally. Roger goes above and beyond to make sure his athletes are taken care of. I am truly proud to be part of the RAB family.

Izzy Soto